A creative brand communications shop, based out of trivandrum. Does that means we understand advertising? Surely we do . Do we flirt with pixels? Oh yeah, we love digital. What about social media? yes my friend,we get that too .In fact,any innovative media vehicle that may come in the future will truly interest us.

AdOwings has over 15+ years of person experience. Our team here have done the rounds. Across reputed firms. For a reputed number of years. Later, the ghost of robert Frost came into our lives. Really! And asked us to take the roadless traveled. Thats how we have come together, with a passion to look at brands from an independent point of view.

Advertising. Branding. Copywriting. Design. Everything. Futuristic. Go-getters. Holistic. Immersive. Joyful. Kickass. Laurel earners. Magnetic. No Nonsense. Oh yeah! Positive. Quietly resonant. Relevant. Simple. Truth. Urbanised. Virtual.

We are for Xcellence in 360 degrees for you. For You. Zipping. Zooming. Zinging with Zest

Experiences form the basis of all kinds of human relationships, with other people and with the world around us. We believe it’s just the same for brands. Successful brands make lasting impressions on us as a result of continual, positive moments of interaction.

These experiences influence satisfaction, build loyalty and create emotional attachment.

Manu Bhanu Vikraman

Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer / Creative Head

Has over 12+ years of experience. Recently been given 5 Awards for Best Art Direction and Best Recruitment Campaign – Infosys. A born talented artist.

Priya Menon

Managing Director / CEO

Key person in making our clients inspiration our own. Actively working in school as Mentor and teacher, also an excellent Mural Artist.

Kishore Radhakrishnan


Qualified photographer from Light & Life School. Clicked ‘Prithviraj(Kalyan Sarees) | Dileep, Meenaka Suresh & keerthi suresh for Game campaign. Latest campaign is for SilkyWay.

Tanu Balak

Ad. Maker / Director

He is our pillar and has bagged ‘Pepper Award’ for Best Documentary on Endosulfan.